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Let me handle the busy work so you can get back to doing what you love!
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About Me

Emma has a Bachelor's degree in Photography, as well as experience teaching retouching at a university. Her primary work focus is editing and social media management. She is always interested in getting to know new clients to help! 



Managing all that busy work is what I love to organize and execute for my clients!


-Social Media Management





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I can help change your turnaround from weeks to days!

Styling can be matched to be whatever style you prefer!

- Culling

- Batch Editing

- Anchor Edits

- Portrait sessions to all day weddings

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Details can really take a photograph to the next level! 

Fixing the imperfections can help your client see just the beauty!

- Basic Retouch

- Product Isolation 

- Detailed Retouch

- Object Removal

- Photo Reconstruction

Lightroom and Photoshop work considered

Pricing can be per image, per project or per hour


What My Clients Say

"Game Changer"

“Working with Emma has been a game changer for my business. She is my partner in all things editing and helps me deliver beautiful images to my clients faster. She is always on time, receptive and professional. I wish I'd hired her sooner!”

New Jersey Photographer

"A Life Saver"

"Emma has transformed my business and life. I used to process photos in about 8 weeks time and it's gotten down to a week with her help. She's a life saver and a loyal and willing to learn vendor that has allowed me to focus on other parts of my business and life!"

Nevada Photographer

"Very Responsive"

"I highly recommend working with Emma, she is very responsive which I appreciate, very talented, and professional. I have worked on several projects with her and I have always been satisfied with her great work! I look forward to continuing doing projects with her in the near future!"

Florida Photographer

"No Longer Stress"

"Working with Emma has transformed my life-when I am done with my shoot I send her all the photos I took, light instructions and she delivers fast and beautiful work. I no longer stress about which photos to use, which to not deliver, when I can edit, how I edit... she has relieved so much stress from my life and my photo galleries have improved."

New Jersey Photographer

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